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... IN THE WOODS and The Human Experience Tour

Five years ago, Jørgen Leth accepted an invitation from Jennifer Elster to participate in her experimental documentary project IN THE WOODS. She shot scenes with Jørgen in the Hareskoven forest outside Copenhagen, Denmark. The project was later expanded into the trilogy 'Being, and Jørgen Leth also participated in several NYC shooting sessions for this groundbreaking project. Apart from Leth, the project now included people like Dave Matthews, Yoko Ono, Rufus Wainwright and Bob Mankoff, to mention a few.
The first installment, '...In the Woods Experience' is now complete and has begun to seep into the world in some very unusual ways. You may already have come across a clip or wandered down an online path. These byte-sized puzzle-pieces of content, along with the projects interactive website are all just prequels to the real experience, which lies in the films themselves.
Jennifer Elster: 'The Experience elicits the types of thoughts, feelings and ideas that are not essential and fundamental to who we are as thinking, dreaming, worrying, hoping and loving human beings, but that stretch and push us into areas that, both immediately and over time, bring us closer to an individual and collective raised awareness.'
Jørgen Leth: 'I didn't know where this would take me. From the very first moment it felt like an exploration of unknown territory.'
To explore the interactive Part One, please visit


Blogger Unknown said...

Jörgen Leth, hur kan jag kontakta dig för en förfrågan om intervju?
Hälsningar Jeanette Thuresson,
svensk journalist
thuressonjeanette (at)

26. april 2011 kl. 05.56  
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