onsdag den 28. oktober 2009

Leth receives 'Contribution to the world cinema award' in Jihlava

Yesterday, October 27th 2009, Jorgen Leth was honored at the opening ceremony of the prestigious 13th Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival in Czech Republic. Jorgen received a life-time achievement award for his 'contribution to the world cinema'.
Leth is in Jihlava as a member of this year's jury. During his stay, he will do a master class on his methods of filming and also a reading of a selected part of his memoirs, 'The Imperfect Human', uniquely accompanied by brand new photographs from his current work in progress, the film 'The Erotic Human'.
For the Danish Film Institute's comment on Jorgen's award, click here
For more information on Leth's masterclass, please go to docalliance.com