mandag den 11. juni 2012

A house is more than just a thing

In January 2010, an earthquake left most of Haiti in ruins. Leth was finishing his film 'Erotic Man' with his producer and two editors in his house in Jacmel, when the house suddenly disappeared underneath his feet. He and his devoted team got out in time, but all of his things, paintings and notebooks were destroyed. The town fell to pieces, and so did his life.

'A house is more than a thing' revolves around the years 2010 and 2011 - from the devasting earthquake till today. It deals with the disaster and the violent shock after the quake, with the process of trying to recover the bits and pieces from a long life - and not least, the book also deals with the well known usual Lethian routines: the women, Tour de France, the daily doings.

The book, which will be the third part of Leth's autobiographical work titled 'The Imperfect Human', will be published on the 14th of June 2012 - the day Leth turns 75 years old and simultaneously celebrates his 50th anniversary as a writer.

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