fredag den 8. juni 2012

Researching trip to Bilbao

Leth and his photographer of many years, Dan Holmberg, are in Bilbao in the Basque country to research on a new documentary film about Pelota a mano in collaboration with the Basque anthropologist Olatz Gonzales. The film is produced by the local film production company, Basque Films, but might also join forces with a Danish production company and other co-producers later on in the process.

Leth and Holmberg already shot some material from Vergara, Eibar and Bilbao and are planning to record the film in June 2013 during the annual Pelota tournament. The film will offer an insight into Basque culture and not least a unique peek into the spectacular sport, previously depicted by Leth in his classic work, 'Pelota' (1983). This new project is not a remake of the old film. On the contrary, it will include plenty of new elements and a greater absorption with the rituals and mythology of the game.

Since Leth has insisted on working with his old dedicated team on this film, it is expected that his loyal editor of many years, Camilla Skousen, will eventually edit the film.