torsdag den 27. december 2007

Back in Jacmel

I'm back in my home in the sleepy dusty town of Jacmel on the Caribbean coast to the South. I had a bad start when I discovered that 700 USdollars had been stolen from me on my trip from Cap to Jacmel. That led to a terrible outburst of anger - Haiti a country full of thiefs and so on. Finally after the analysis of every minute of the day before I came to the conclusion that the money was picked by one of the policemen who controlled bags in Cap-Haitien airport. Trivial lesson: Always keep money on your body.... Saw Chantal Regnault for dinner in my house. It's a long time since last time we met. She is my best friend in Haiti, and we always talk politics and local gossip. She is quite pessimistic about Haiti's future. The cruelty of some of the latest kidnappings is not a good sign of what to expect. Can Préval stop this new wave. With a police force of which 50% is corrupt, according to a highplaced inside source. Madame Annette is the best cook in town, she made ceviche (raw fish Peruvian style) and sauteed filet de boeuf with sauce creole. Packing today, going to Miami tomorrow to meet a good friend from Denmark. We will stay at Shore Club on Colllins Avenue on the South Beach.