fredag den 10. september 2010

World premiere of 'Erotic Man' today

Photo by Adam Philp
Can one measure the erotic? Can one frame it? Can one define it? In his long-awaited film, 'Erotic Man', documentarist and poet Jørgen Leth touches on these simple yet comprehensive questions. In the film, that can be perceived as the magnum opus of Jørgen Leth's extensive artistic production over the past five decades, he, the now older European artist, travels the world and his inner self to register the erotic, to search its form and meaning. He is a man who watches women - who watches the woman.
'Erotic Man' premieres at Toronto International Film Festival today as part of the prestigious Masters programme, and both Jørgen Leth and his producer Marianne Christensen will be present at the screening.
Join the film's official facebook page here for further information, press stills and video clips from the film.