torsdag den 28. maj 2009

Kristian Leth takes on 'Motion Picture'

Kristian Leth, son of Jorgen Leth, is giving new life to his father's classic, 'Motion Picture' (1970) - an experimental film conveying the elegance and mystery of movement exemplified by tennis player Torben Ulrich - by using his father's recordings to create a music video for the band, 'The Informations'.
Kristian: "The thought of using 'Motion Picture' was an instant idea which from the very beginning seemed completely logical. The music of 'The Informations' is both unpredictable and strangely hyper-aesthetic, and it was a gift to just open up the film and steal freely from it. Everything worked. For me, it was completely natural. I think the aesthetics and the rhythm is somehow in the family. It's the first film I've edited. It took about three hours, and the very same evening the film was online."
See the music video here

lørdag den 23. maj 2009

Giro d'Italia and the Tour

I have been watching the Giro d'Italia bicycle race for a couple of weeks now. I see that Lance Armstrong is using this race as a preparation for the Tour de France. That's obvious, and it's very promising. He struggles in the Giro, but is getting back in shape. What is clear is that he demands and gets the full support of his team.
How will he do in the Tour? What is his objective? Astana already has the super-favorite, Alberto Contador. What will Armstrong's role be? Will he work for Contador and try to recast himself as the wise experienced architect of his team mate's victory? Or will he try to unsettle him? That is the race within the race of this year's Tour. It could be a drama. And it certainly raises questions that will not be answered before the Tour is well underway. An eventual rivalry between the two Astana riders could open the door for young Andy Schleck from the Saxobank team.

fredag den 22. maj 2009

Latest news

I have been very busy lately, giving a number of lectures throughout the country on Tour de France, my life in Haiti and my memoirs. I've visited Aarhus, Oure, Askov, Viborg and Nyborg. Full house everywhere.
I have also completed a book of mail correspondence with Morten Sabroe, which Politikens Forlag will publish in September 2009.
As for The Erotic Human:
On Monday the 25th of May, I will travel to Senegal in West Africa with film photographer Adam Philp. Later, the rest of my crew - sound mixer Kjetil Mørk, focus puller Jon Rudberg and producer Marianne Christensen - will join us, and we will finish shooting on the 7th of June.
Together with Adam and editor Morten Højbjerg, I have now viewed the recordings from Haiti and am very satisfied with the result. The big find for the film was young actress Shilaine Cayo. I feel everything is about to take shape.
We now have Haiti, Brazil and Panama in the can. Will proceed with Senegal, and soon Dan Holmberg will start shooting atmosphere on the Orinoco River in Venezuela.