torsdag den 19. november 2009

Filming in Manila, part 2

This photograph was taken outside Café Adritico after wrap-up dinner with the Manila crew from The Erotic Human shootings in the Filippines. From the left: Erwin Romulo (publisher, organizer of masterclass, influential support of Filippino cinema), Herbert Relagio (our excellent sound man), Arlene Cuveas (producer), Robin V. Palmers (our great production assistant), our wonderful actresses Angeli Bayani and Sue Prado, Dhawn (with her smiles and good humour), Juan Canguira (stylish still photographer) - and behind this amazing entourage: Director Jørgen Leth and cinematographer Dan Holmberg.
In the photograph below, actress Angeli takes in the beautiful sunset over Manila Bay.

tirsdag den 10. november 2009

Filming in Manila

Photographer Dan Holmberg arrived on November 2nd, I came on November 5th. Today we filmed a number of scenes with Angeli Bayani in Hotel Ambassador, room 1022, downtown Manila. She is one the two wellknown Filippino actresses, we selected from an audition last Saturday. Before my arrival, Dan had already been location scouting with our local production crew, line producer Rolly Palmers and his assistant Roland, and driver Ronny. They looked at hotel rooms and found several possibilities. Dan had also shot ambiance from this steamy tropical metropolis and then filmed the arrival of anthropologist / storyteller.
I have written some new lines for the actresses. We will continue filming with Angeli tomorrow at a more seedy hotel in the same neighbourhood. And will finish with Sue Prado in the hotel where we stay, Boulevard Mansion, overlooking Manila Bay.
Dan, Roland and Angeli filmed the last scene of today in a taxi. I had dinner at Café des Arts with Erwin Romolo and his co-editor of the elegant sexy fashion magazine, UNO Central. I had met Erwin in my masterclass at New York University in April this year. He is a friend of Khavn, and he is the son of this country's Minister of Foreign Affairs (who is, according to his son, an expert in European cinema!). He will have a busy day Thursday when Hillary Clinton is visiting.