søndag den 18. september 2011

Riga International Film Festival

September is the month for the largest film festival in Riga, the International Film Festival 'Arsenals'. The festival is a highly respected old film festival with a history that goes back to Soviet times, when 'Cinema Days '86' showed a variety of films otherwise not accessible to the public. The festival in its current incarnation includes a number of competitions and retrospective screenings.
This year, Jørgen Leth was invited to Riga with his newest film, 'Erotic Man' represented in main competition. In addition, Leth was given a special honorary award for his cinematic work in general.
For more information about the festival, please visit this link.


On the 19th and 20th of September 2011, The Danish Cinemateque has arranged for a special open air screening of three Jørgen Leth classics, his famous bicycle films 'Stars and Water Carriers' (1974), 'The Impossible Hour' (1975) and 'A Sunday in Hell (1976). The screenings will take place in Ørstedsparken during the first two days of the cycling world championship in Copenhagen. Leth himself will of course be present to introduce his films.
For more information about the special screenings, please visit DFI.

The cycling world championships in Copenhagen

Monday 19 September through Sunday 26 is the week of the cycling world championships. I am looking forward to commentating this event, probably the biggest sports event ever in Copenhagen. We will concentrate on the elite men. The time trial Wednesday takes place in the historic center of the town, a spectacular frame for a cycle race. The line race on Sunday will see the 200 man strong field racing through the beautiful Rudersdal area, passing Søllerød Slot and Geels Bakke many times.

The world championships is traditionally near the end of the professional road racing season. And the champion will wear his rainbow-coloured jersey in all races throughout next season.

That reminds me of the exceptionally exciting last week of this year's Tour de France rich in dramatic intensity and courageous riding. Dennis Ritter, Rolf Sørensen and i enjoyed doing our job as commentators. And TV2 had a record number of viewers.

Mads Rottbøll made a reportage about my work during the great Galibier stage. It gives an idea of my working day in a decisive moment of the race where the main contenders demonstrated courage, endurance and suffering.