mandag den 17. oktober 2011

New poetry collection receives great reviews

Over the weekend, Jørgen Leth's recently published poetry collection, 'Hvad er det nu det hedder' (What's it called), has received great reviews in Danish newspapers. Some announce it to be one of Leth's best poetry works ever, while others praise its amazing coolness, its honesty and its wild untamed will to be imperfect and to be vulnerable.
For a selection of reviews, please visit the following links (Danish):
For more about the book, please visit Leth's publisher, Gyldendal.

torsdag den 13. oktober 2011

Leth's poetry in English

Jørgen Leth has just published his first collection of poems in over five years, a collection called "Hvad er det nu det hedder" (What's it called?) about once again finding words and meaning after a big disaster and once again finding one's footing. At the same time, a greater selection of Leth's poetry, including some of Leth's most popular writings over a span of almost 40 years, will be published in English by the Canadian publisher BookThug in Toronto. In November, the collection with the title 'Trivial Everyday Things' will be presented at the documentary film festival of Montreal, RIDM 2011.