tirsdag den 15. november 2011

Full house in Montréal, November 9-20.

I enjoy discussing my work with interested audiences. Here in Montréal I have had full houses in almost all screenings, and also at my masterclass. People stay for the Q&A after the film, and there have been many good questions which inspired me to explain method and thoughts.
The nine films selected for this retrospective are: Motion Picture (1970), Good and Evil (1974), Haiti. Untitled (1996), The Perfect Human (1967), The Five Obstructions (2004), A Sunday in Hell (1977), Erotic Man (2010), 66 Scenes from America (1982), New Scenes from America (2002). I was very happy with the warm response to Erotic Man yesterday, November 14.
An extra event in the margin of the prestigeous RIDM (Rencontres Internationales du documentaire de Montréal) is that November 15, a new book with English translations of my poems is launched with a reading. The title of the book is 'Trivial Everyday Things', published by BookThug, and Martin Aitken has translated the poems. For more information, please visit The Danish Film Institute.

mandag den 7. november 2011

Leth Retrospective at RIDM, Montreal

The prestigious Canadian documentary film festival, Rencontres Internationale du Documentaire de Montréal, which runs from the 9th-20th of November 2011, will host a big retrospective of Leth's oeuvre. During the course of the festival, a number of Leth's classics will screen, including 'Good and Evil', 'The Five Obstructions', 'The Perfect Human', 'A Sunday in Hell' and his latest work, 'Erotic Man' - just to name a few.
Leth himself will be in Montreal to attend screenings, participate in Q&As, hold masterclasses about his films and methods and not least do a poetry reading in connection to the brand new publication of an English translation of a collection of his poetry. The new publication is called 'Trivial Everyday Things' and is published by Canadian 'Book Thug'.
For a full schedule of Jørgen Leth screenings and performances during Rencontres Internationale du Documentaire de Montréal, please visit the festival's own website, RIDM.

torsdag den 3. november 2011

No CPH:DOX without Leth

The prestigious and bold international documentary film festival, CPH:DOX, just wouldn't be the same, if it didn't screen a work made by or about the grand old man of Danish documentary and experimental film, Jørgen Leth. Thus this years festival presents a brand new portrait film about Leth, made by Norwegian director and philosopher Truls Lie. The film is called 'The Seduced Human' and takes a thorough look at the man who emerged from the rubbles after his house and home during the past 20 years suddenly fell to pieces in the horrible earthquake in Haiti two years ago.
For more information about the film and for screening dates during the festival, please visit CPH:DOX or the film's own website, The Seduced Human