søndag den 15. februar 2009

The DVD Collection

With an oeuvre spanning nearly five decades, Jørgen Leth is among the most distinctive artists in Danish Cinema. His films on the whole are remarkable for their experimentation, as he has consistently explored the possibilities and limitations of the film medium. Now, the Danish Film Institute is issuing Jørgen Leth's complete works on DVD in a six-volume box set. 
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lørdag den 14. februar 2009

Gifts of Chance - Texts about Film

Jørgen Leth is one of the world's leading avant-garde directors. His creations are film festival fodder, and he has achieved star status both nationally and internationally with a number of films throughout the years. This newly published book is a collection of Leth's finest writings on film, covering his entire career. It includes poetics on film, texts on his best known films and synopses of those that were never produced. The book is a treasure for film buffs.
"Chance is my good friend. We enjoy an intimate relationship. It often comes to my aid in crucial situations. It moves things on, stepwise or in leaps. Sometimes I have a feeling of being in contact with chance. What invites chance in is that I keep my door open so that it can come in. Keeping the door open during a work in progress is a kind of invocation."
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In production: The Erotic Human

The anthropologist, in the shape of Jørgen Leth, gathers material in order to study the nature and significance of eroticism. He does not know very much but wants to know more. On his journey, his starting point is that of the observer but he ends up being drawn into the erotic universe, himself. 

Leth has identified a number of destinations where he wants to search for eroticism; countries where he knows it exists. Leth want to examine what it is that makes eroticism so significant in the lives of human beings.  "The Erotic Human" is not based on a traditional script but on a web of documents, letters, photos and poems written by Leth himself. 
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