torsdag den 31. maj 2012

Artist talk on Sunday

On Sunday 3rd of June, Jørgen Leth, his daughter, producer Karoline Leth and Danish artist John Kørner meet for an artist talk at Gl. Strand. The theme of the talk is 'Kørner: Political Man', based on the upcoming film by Leth on Kørner.

For more information about the artist talk on Sunday, please visit Politiken or Gl. Strand.
For a review of artist John Kørner's current exhibition, please go to this link.

fredag den 18. maj 2012

'Samlede Digte' republished to great reviews

Leth's newly republished collection of poems has been very well received by the Danish press. With a poetic ouevre spanning more than 50 years, Leth's newest publication offers an in depth insight into his thoughts and feelings - from his early works in the sixties to his latest collection of poems, written shortly after the Haiti earthquake destroyed Leth's home.

For a selection of Danish reviews, please visit Politiken and Information.

For more about 'Samlede Digte', including more video excerpts of Leth reading, please visit Gyldendal.

fredag den 4. maj 2012

New conversation book with Leth and Sørensen

On the 30th of June, People's Press published a brand new book in which we meet Jørgen Leth in conversation with legendary Danish cyclist Rolf Sørensen. In the book titled 'Netop gentagelsen er det smukke' (Beauty lies in the repetition), the two famous cyclist enthusiasts share stories, thoughts and wisdom about their common passion: professional cycling.  For more information please visit ArtPeople.